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Veronica Lufbery - Owner/Photographer

East Hartford, CT

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See photos at Shamanic Center of the Healing Arts in Glastonbury, CT

Burst of Color

Photographs Reflecting the Beauty and Love of God

Veronica Lufbery excels in taking beautiful photographs of flowers, birds, butterflies, landscapes, and a wide variety of subject matter. She got her first camera when she was eight years old. “My grandfather taught me about composition, Sometimes I still feel his presence helping me.”

Veronica has been a member of the East Hartford Art League since 2010, participating in the Spring Art Fest every year and winning various awards on the merits of her photography and excellent use of color. She also exhibits in photographic shows across the state, including Glastonbury Audubon photography show, National Arts located at Capital Community College and Hospital for Special Care and soon hopes to have a gallery in Glastonbury on the list.

Veronica’s artist statement embraces life: My love of photography is seeing the love of God in everything and everyone. That is what spectators see when they view her photographs. While she stays busy photographing landscapes, close-ups of flowers, bees, butterflies and ladybugs, she stays happy. “This year, I am starting to do abstracts because they are different and I find them stunning.” To this day, Veronica can recall every detail of the year she learned about the history of photography in school and fell in love with it. “It was tenth grade and our teacher assigned an extra credit report for the Physical Science class,” recalls Veronica. She researched the entire history of photography in detail for her report as well as the color spectrum. After that I wanted a 35mm camera.” She was given her first real camera as a High School graduation present. After that, there was and is no holding her back. Learning how to use the darkroom was fun, especially manipulation of the photos. Seeing the photos come to life before her eyes was the greatest, she recalls She recently exhibited in three different shows, the National Arts at Capitol Community College, Glastonbury Audubon photo exhibit and Hospital for Special Care.

In February there was the Wallingford Camera Club members’ show, with the restaurant’s theme of “heart, love, and family”. Veronica’s photographs hang in the Mayor of Wallingford’s office as well as a doctor’s office locally. Goals include planning a library show, and entering the East Hartford Spring Art Fest in May (the day before Mother’s Day) where she hopes to win the Mayor’s Award. Veronica would like to continue learning about Ansel Adams’ style of photography. She says, “I have tried to copy his techniques with black and white photos, but this is not an easy task.” The East Hartford Art League is proud to honor Mrs. Veronica Lufbery for her excellence in photography, her attention to detail, and her unfailing enthusiasm for everything that has to do with photography and art. We look forward to great accomplishments from this local artist/ photographer who we are happy to call one of our own!